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U.S. President Tier List

Mr. Beat

To celebrate Presidents Day, Mr. Beat does something that was in style 1 year ago make a Tier List. He ranks all of the American Presidents except for President Trump.

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George Washington: 5:23
John Adams 8:26
Thomas Jefferson 9:38
James Madison 12:07
James Monroe 14:03
John Quincy Adams 15:36
Andrew Jackson 17:15
Martin van Buren 20:43
William Harry Harrison 21:46
John Tyler 22:52
James Polk 23:53
Zachary Taylor 25:58
MIllard Fillmore 27:16
Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan 28:42
Abraham Lincoln 30:32
Andrew Johnson 34:10
Ulysses Grant 35:21
Rutherford B. Hayes 37:24
James Garfield 38:11
Chester Arthur 39:26
Grover Cleveland 40:04
Benjamin Harrison 42:10
William Mckinley 43:20
Teddy Roosevelt 45:37
William Howard Taft 48:28
Woodrow Wilson 49:27
Warren Harding 52:27
Calvin Coolidge 53:46
Herbert Hoover 55:59
FDR 57:47
Harry Truman 1:01:00
Eisenhower 1:03:42
JFK 1:06:28
LBJ 1:09:00
Richard NIxon 1:10:57
Gerald Ford 1:13:32
Jimmy Carter 1:14:07
Ronald Reagan 1:15:10
George H.W. Bush 1:17:37
Bill Clinton 1:18:57
George W. Bush 1:20:55
Barack Obama 1:24:23

All the Presidents' pets:

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