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Unhandled 6 Year Old Stallion

Real Life Horsemanship

This video is an edit of the footage that was available to me: I don't advertise what I did as a "Method" or recommend anybody copy me. Handling horses can be a very dangerous activity & needs to be done with precaution! I was asked to come & catch this horse thinking that it was a domesticated "hard to catch horse" but quickly realised it wasn't the case. The facilities were not the safest & the ground was waterlogged at the low side which can't be seen in the picture. I started by moving this horse around both sides to see how aggressive he was going to be with me. Then I spent some time just walking around waving my flag, throwing my lead rope around & waving my stick while the horse overreacted until he realised that my movement wasn't going to stop & that his running around was only wearing himself out. I then left my tools & lead rope lying around the place so he could see & smell them while I started with some friendly time. This was quite time consuming & I stopped started with this approach. My goal was to be able to "touch him". This turned out to be extremely difficult because the owner had tried may times in the past to catch him with a halter & carrots in her hand & he was very familiar with what a halter looked like. Once I could touch him with the string I had to train him, that when I touch him he could only go in one direction: "LEFT"... I did this by quickly moving in front of his driveline & quickly back again behind him at the same position of the yard so he'd slow down & work out that he gets to rest at that same position each time he came around. Then I rubbed on him. This is how I managed to eventually keep him at the fence. My next step was to test him & workout if he was seriously going to bite or kick me. At this point it was either stop if too dangerous, or be able to make an assessment whether his aggression towards me was defensive rather than offensive"! Thus I continued... Overall I spent a bit over 2 hours on this stallion. Thank you for watching.

posted by dumishagl