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Undertale Glitches - Game Breakers


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In today's episode of Game Breakers, we take a look at glitches in Undertale. There's a lot to cover to let's get into it!

0:45 Out of Bounds in the Ruins
2:15 Out of Bounds at Grillby's
2:56 Sans Ignores Physics
3:54 Papyrus is Alive Again?
4:45 Walking in Place
5:20 Walking on Water Using Flowers
5:45 Walking on Water (Again)
6:10 Out of Bounds During the Undyne Fight
6:45 Misplaced Text Boxes during Mettaton Quiz
7:07 Messing with Text Boxes
7:45 Wrong Warp in the Lab
8:53 Up+Down Next to a Wall (Animation Glitch)
9:30 Hitting all 3 Switches (Overloading Text)
11:00 Skipping the Steam Vent Puzzle
11:17 Punch Card Glitch (Skipping Cutscenes and Events)

If the 1.00 Version doesn't launch:

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