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Understanding Dog Body Language - Learn how to read dogs behavior better

Kristin Crestejo, CDBC

Part 2 Understanding Dog Body Language HERE
Thank-you to all the people who donated video clips so this video can have a wide range of body language! For categorized FREE video's and information on Online Obedience with Kris.

This video goes over very BASIC dog body language. This video is meant to give a brief overview of what it means when your dog does a certain behaviour.

Dog communication is one of the most misunderstood part of dogs and humans and causes tremendous amounts of problem for both species. If you can take a few parts of this video and apply it to your life and better understanding your dog you will have a more fulfilled relationship with your four legged pal. Warning Signs to a Bite. 12 Signs Your Dog Loves You. How to Train a Puppy NOT to BITE. Learning the Leash | Dog Whisperer. Fearful Behavior in Dogs. Teach Your Puppy SIT on Command - Perfect SIT - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video. How to train your dog - Understanding training methods and techniques. 20 Things that Only German Shepherd Owners Would Understand. How To Interpret Your Dog's Body Language, Facial Expression and vocalization. 10 Best Dogs for People Who Work Full Time.

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