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unbreakable Hyundai coupe revving without oil, will it die?


This car is as good as done for, the body collapsed, the engine is toast and has no power left, the oilpan has been cracked, the oil is drained.Let's see if Eva can break this car!

Deze auto is zo goed als afgeschreven, de carrosserie is doorgezakt, de motor is gaar en heeft geen kracht meer. Het carter is gescheurd en de olie afgetapt. Laten we kijken of Eva deze auto kapot krijgt! Homemade 4x4 buggy offroad test. World's best convertible! Wipkar 2.0 testdrive. Building a soapbox for Dumpert (Redbull soapbox race #1). Water in intake while driving - Engine total loss. Muttcutts replica build. Smart drifting. Sylvana upside down in the RollGolf. Benzine als koelvloeistof?! INDI robot games. Jetboard powered couch! Lifehack with DubbelFrisss! WIN.

posted by lidokutiegurljn