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Unboxing Canada's BIGGEST Supercomputer!

Linus Tech Tips

27,000 Intel Xeon Cores, 190 TERABYTES of RAM, and 64 PETABYTES of storage lie within this crazy datacenter called Cedar. Let's check it out!!

Thanks to SFU and Compute Canada for allowing us to visit this INCREDIBLE facility. Learn more about Cedar at

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Sound effects provided by 7 Gamers, 1 CPU - Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log. UNBOXING the GOD OF GAMING PCs!! Dell’s 8K Monitor – Gaming, Video Creation & Consumption! Alienware Area-51 THREADRIPPER EDITION. A REAL 64 Core CPU - For SCIENCE! SMALLEST SLI GAMING RIG – ONE OF A KIND! I've NEVER been so FRUSTRATED... Hot-Swapping PCIe Cards. Our Parents SUCK at Tech - Then vs. Now Ep3. Four Operating Systems on ONE Monitor. HDMI Over...The HUMAN BODY?!

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