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Twitch Rivals: Semifinals Day - League of Legends

Daily League Recap

Best Moments of the Semifinals of Twitch Rivals League of Legends Tournament (ft. Yassuo, Pokimane, Imaqtpie, LL Stylish, Voyboy, Scarra, Revenge, Shiphtur, etc.) + LoL Cinematic reaction.


πŸ‘Œ Daily League of Legends Stream Highlights and Funny LoL Moments with:
βœ” Tyler1, Pokimane, Yassuo, Imaqtpie, TF Blade, NightBlue3, Faker, LL Stylish, Shiphtur, Scarra, Trick2G, Froggen, Aphromoo, VoyBoy, Sneaky, Bjergsen, Doublelift, BoxBox, IWDominate and other smaller streamers.

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LL Stylish:
Yassuo / Moe:

Music: Sub Urban - Cradles [NCS Release]

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. TYLER1 GOES ALPHA ON DRAVEN | YASSUO TOXIC WITH TEAMMATES | TWITCH RIVALS | LL STYLISH | LOL MOMENTS. LL STYLISH | TWITCH RIVALS : THE ONE TRICKS TEAM REVEALED [TEAM GAMEPLAY]. When Everybody Doubts Trick2g (ft. Yassuo, Boxbox, Ashleykae, FoggedFTW2) | Tyler1 Reacts to Tyler2. YourPrincess ~ DESTROYING YASSUO - TWITCH RIVALS (ROUND 2). A MASTERPIECE! | Awaken - League of Legends Cinematic | REACTION. Twitch Rivals: Day of Blunders - League of Legends. OUR TWITCH RIVALS JOURNEY ENDS HERE (last scrims) - Trick2G. TEALZ RECONQUISTANDO A RIYUUKA! - Troca Troca #2. YASSUO ARM WRESTLES TF BLADE - WHO IS THE STRONGEST? | NA STREAMERS CONQUER EU DAY1. PLAYING IN A $75,000 TOURNAMENT!!! [TWITCH RIVALS] - SoloRenektonOnly.

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