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Beginners Tutorial - How to easily create a hook for fishing prawns # 24


Tutorial Beginner anglers. Different shrimp hook with a hook generally. Usually hook the shrimp did not have a temple (in international language is called BARB). To make this shrimp hook key material used should be stainless steel manifold that is not easily rust and can be used in a long time. Edition of this tutorial we will try to make the hook shrimp. More details can be seen in this video tutorial. May be useful. Good luck.

We are sorry if there are mistakes and shortcomings. Comments awaited correction and other useful additional info.

FROM novice anglers and novice anglers FOR.

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*** Beginners Tutorial How to easily create a hook for fishing prawns # 24 ***

Target Freshwater Fish: Haruan #Ikan_Gabus (Snakehead), Toman (Giant Snakehead), Ikan Tapah, Lais Tabiring, Hampala, Betok / Betik / Pepuyu (Anabas testudineus), Wader, mekong catfish fish, Prawns, Lobster freshwater, Jelawat , Tilapia, Tilapia fish, carp, Sepat Siam, Putihan Fish, carp, catfish, Fish pomfret (Piranha), Asian swamp eel

Target fish saltwater: Fish Snapper White (Barramundi), fish trakulu (giant trevally), tuna dogtooth, ebek kwe Rambe, grouper (grouper), snapper, mangrove (Mangrove Jack), fish gerutgerut (Silver Grunter Fish), fish keeper (spotted scat), fish Gebel, pompano Rambe, Ikan Pari (Stingray), fish leaves Baharu spot / patapi / fish kapikapi (sicklefish), red snapper (northen red snapper), pogot / fish chickens (leather jacket fish), fish gelama, Sembilang fish (catfish), kurisi and others

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