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Basic concepts of modeling in BLENDER ::: Part 1

Tutoriales Kames

If you never has work in any 3D software or you came from another 3D software, this tutorial is for you.

You will learn Blender since zero, to install, surf the interface and create basic shapes in Blender. Also we will create a little 3D train from basics shapes, creating the shaders and rendering.

For this tutorial we will install Blender 2.92

This tutorial series is sponsored by XPPEN tablets
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Tableta que uso en estos tutoriales

⛓Download Blender for free

⛓Download textures

Follow me:

Video clips:
00:00 Intro
01:46 Download Blender
03:14 Install Blender
03:39 Start configurations
04:59 Surf interface
09:17 Move, rotate and scale
13:17 Creating objects
17:21 Delete objects
18:08 Duplicate objects
21:20 Multiple selection
22:36 Reset scene
23:58 Save scene
25:41 Modeling a train
36:29 Modifiers
42:39 Materials
55:41 Render engine
01:37:00 Camera options
01:04:08 Final render

posted by davotankofw