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True Facts: Killer Surfing Snails


Not. The. Pouch.
Koala Tshirts:

I completely messed up and missed this credit:
Vinthi Neufeld PHOTOGRAPHY
Vinthi supplied the amazing Bullia videos with the BlueBottle which is incorrectly attributed

Dr. Winfried Peters:
Dr. Peters spent hours sorting through his research and sending me notes and files. His research is what got me excited about O.semistriatta and I can't be more grateful to have had his help. I have listed a number of his papers further below, and I have made a donation to in his name.

Nathan Robinson:
Nathan was extremely helpful and generous with his time and footage and gave my early script a once over. His research is pretty amazing on turtles and the giant squid. His hermit crab video is so great in its entirety. Sub to his channels!

Dr.JonPaul Bingham
One of cone snail feeding videos came from this lab and it was such an excellent example of the behavior! Thank you so much!

Dr. Mande Holford
Dr. Holford does amazing research on the toxicology of Conus and shared two amazing clips.

Alysia Daines
Alysia helped me identify the O.Semistriatta in the first place and led me to Dr. Peters. Thank you!!

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