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TRRS 547: Railroad Rail Replacement

Thornapple River Rail Series


Just like any other kind of infrastructure, railroad track is ultimately an expendable resource, requiring periodic reconstruction or rehabilitation to remain in top operational form.

While the large steel rails of today’s railroads are hardy and can last for decades, over time they are surface worn by passing trains, and are subjected to stress and strain which precipitates in the formation of metal fatigue and internal cracking. While rail grinding does extend the life of the rail, eventually it becomes more cost effective to swap it out for new steel.

Special thanks to this crew for graciously allowing me to film their work and be good sports about it. It isn’t always easy working in front of an unknown camera lens, but I think this process is so neat and worth sharing with others. I hope that after watching this video you have also come to appreciate the process and honest work these guys do to keep trains rolling.

CSX Curve Rail Gang at Seymour
CSX LRC 200803 Sperling Railway Services Large Rail Saw
CSX SP 200703 Nordco SingleSide Spike Puller
CSX SP 200714 Nordco SingleSide Spike Puller
CSX EX 201005 RCE Equipment Solutions/John Deere 225D Railavator
CSX SC 200803 Sperling Railway Services Rail Scrap Retriever
CSX TPM 200702 Sperling Railway Services Tie Plugging Machine
CSX CA 201902 Knox Kershaw KKA Kribber Adzer
CSX EX 201106 RCE Equipment Solutions/John Deere 225D Railavator
CSX PC 200713 Rail Saw Cart
Progress Rail Chemetron CMW33 InTrack Rail Welding Truck
CSX SD 20172L Nordco Production Spike Driver
CSX RH 200401 Teleweld Rail Heater
CSX RHC 201001 Teleweld Rail Heater Cart
CSX AA 200602 Nordco Anchor Applicator
CSX AA 200202 Nordco Anchor Applicator
CSX SD 20171L Nordco Production Spike Driver
CSX SD 20173L Nordco Production Spike Driver
CSX RAC 201903 Nordco Rail Anchor Cart
CSX Grand Rapids Terminal Sub, Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo Ave xing/Seymour, on 23Jul2020 from 09:16 to 13:58 EDT

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Videography Equipment:
Primary: Sony FDRAX53 4K Camcorder
Aerial Platform: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone
Radio Scanner: Uniden Bearcat BC125AT
Edited with: Cyberlink PowerDirector 16

Created by Alex Christmas. Copyright 2020, as the Thornapple River Rail Series, All Rights Reserved

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