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Troubleshooting the $100,000 PC

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Mo money, mo problems... Even with the most expensive hardware, things can go wrong... VERY wrong. We Gave Away a SICK Gaming Rig - ROG Rig Reboot. PC Building Simulator is NOTHING like real life! Pimp My WiFi Ep. 2 - SICK home business tech upgrade! Our New $10 000 Router! Breaking our Silence on RTX Controversy - WAN Show August 31, 2018. The ROG Phone Can Play TWO GAMES at Once! LGR - The World's Fastest CD-ROM: Kenwood True-X. Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC? - ASUS Zephyrus GM501 Review. Lawyer Reacts: Hired to Fight Apple for Louis Rossmann's Batteries. Making a quiet PC quieter, by using expensive fans and a purple pool noodle.

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