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Travel Safe with these 11 Useful DIY Travel Hacks

Crafty Panda

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Are you ready to fly to Europe and go sightseeing?! Don’t forget to pack your bag first!
Learn how to organize your luggage with tips on how to pack in all your clothes and travel essentials. Prevent pickpockets from snatching your wallet and secure your money in secret pockets or stashes instead. For your sightseeing and outdoor adventures learn how to wrap-up bruises, and stay safe against hackers with NordVPN! Travel hacks here we come!

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0:04 Prevent Bottle Spillage
0:52 Prevent Infection with Antiperspirant
1:20 Create a Secure Pocket
2:13 Hairbrush Money Stash
2:55 Stop Hackers with NordVPN
5:31 T-shirt Bag
6:24 How to Pack Your Luggage
7:46 How to Pack Travel Accessories
9:08 How to Pack Your Luggage 2

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