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Training an Aggressive German Shepherd around Other Dogs

Robert Cabral

In this video I bring Sonny back to the park around other dogs to work on his aggression. German Shepherd can be dangerous if they're left untrained and if you ignore bad behaviors such as dominance and aggression.

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I've trained countless aggressive and dangerous dogs in my work at animal shelters, private clients, protection dogs and more. Understanding the triggers that make dogs aggressive and setting up a standard of communication that is fair to the dog is the biggest secret in solving aggression before it becomes hard wired in the dog's mind.

There are some simple steps that I address in this video. Sonny did 3 sessions with me, this is session 2. After these sessions Ben (Sonny's dad) had a much better grasp on the behavior and was able to handle Sonny and create a better life for him. He's now doing mondo ring and loving life. Structure and understanding was a big part of this.

It's my goal to help you better understand your dog and behaviors that others try to mask or ignore. Watch this video, be sure to subscribe to my channel and you'll be notified of all my new content.

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