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Toy Breeds for First Time Owner (Top 10)

Woof Gang

There are plenty of Toy breeds that are amazing for First time dog owners. They not just look adorable but are also easy to take care of!
Hence, Here are the top 10 Toy breeds for First time owner !!!
From affectionate and loving to active and smart,
Here you'll find the perfect small dog breed as a first time owner.

The Top 10 Toy breeds are
0:00 Introduction
0:26 1. Bichon Frise
1:07 2. Cavaliar king charles spaniel
1:44 3. Maltese
2:23 4. Shih Tzu
2:58 5. Yorkie
3:39 6. Toy Poodle
4:22 7. Maltipoo
4:55 8. Havanese
5:39 9. Papillon
6:18 10. Boston Terrier

A little about the breeds in detail :

1. Bichon frise A breed that known to be always happy. Unlike many small dogs, they actually get along well with kids, which makes them an excellent firsttime dog for families. Bichons are also highly intelligent, which makes training a relatively easy proposition and the best part, they look like a bouncy cotton ball.

2. Cavaliar king charles spaniel One of the largest of the toy breeds, Cavaliers are extremely sweet and love being with their people wherever they go, they also love cuddling. Although they enjoyes adventures like hiking or running across the beach, Hence they are good for those with an active lifestyle.

3. Maltese An incredibly cute dog with silky white coat and shoebutton eyes. They are bred to be companion dogs yet they are fearless with a bold personality. Maltese often retain a puppy like personality throughout it's life, which is one of the main reasons for them being such a fantastic pet.

4. Shih Tzu Best known for their companionship. Extremely mellow towards their owners. They're a very adaptable dog who can be comfortable and happy even in a small apartment nevertheless, They are likely to be the happiest in your lap. Shih tzus are the perfect breed if you want a dog that's pretty laid back and relaxed throughout the day.

5. Yorkie Ho Ho Ho, Where do I start, I have a yorkie so I'll try not to be baised But they are incredible adorable dogs that love spending time with you. They are small, affectionate yet they got the tomboy attitude with a suprisingly big personality. What makes yorkies good for a first time owner is that they love to please their human and getting their attention, which makes training easier.

6. Toy & miniature poodle The smartest dog in this list, In fact they rank no 2, for the most intellegent dog breeds in the world. But that's not just it, They tend to be a tremendous addition to the family. Many Poodles are relatively easy to train. poodles are very energetic dogs and needs to be groomed regularly to maintain the curly, continuously growing coat.

7. maltipoo The maltipoo is a cross between maltese and poodle, and this cross is famous for all the good reasons. They have all the traits of a fantastic companion dog, They are affectionate, gentle, active and funloving. Also they are easy to train and learns quickly.

8. Havanese A cute little dog with long silky hair and expressive eyes. The Havanese is a companion dog that thrives on being with his family, They get along well with kids, strangers, other dogs and even cats. These dogs are exceptionally intelligent and quickwitted, who thrives on human companionship, The downside is like many toy breed dogs, they can't stand being left alone by themselves for more than few hours.

9. Papillon Known for it's adorable butterfly ears, for which it got it's name, Papillon which means means butterful in french. They are highly active, adventure driven dogs. These dogs have big personalities, and they'll think of themselves as big dogs if you let them. But otherwise, they are excellent, friendly, smart and easytohandle companions.

10. Boston terrier They were originally bred to be fighting dogs, but today, they’re gentle, affectionate companions with tuxedolike markings that earned them the nickname “American Gentleman.” In fact Boston Terriers tend to be fantastic with children. Although they are bright and charming dogs with a low maintenance coat, thet are prone to few health problem

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