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Totally Spies! Totally Party PS2 Multiplayer Gameplay (UBISoft / Mad Monkey Studio) Playstation 2


In this video we test out the UBISoft release titled Totally Spies Totally Party. The game is a type of Mario Party clone, where you take part in a kind of story based board game. After each roll of the dice you play mini games, that if won, will allow you to place traps around the board in order to defeat that boards enemy.
Multiplayer mode allows both human players to work together to defeat the boss, but has a seperate score board in order to compete with each other at the same time.
The game started off pretty well, but in honesty i found after a while it became extremely repetetive. The same mini games repeated over and over, and always the least exciting seemed to repeat the most. There also seemed to be no spy work involved at all in the game, and mostly was based around fashion and other unreleated things. Im not a fan, and have never seen Totally Spies cartoon, so im not sure if that follows the same pattern.
One things we did find quite amusing was a mini game where you had to swing a dog round as fast as you could and then throw him the furthest distance, and watch him explode. How did this get through the ratings board?
All in all Totally Spies Totally Party, was not totally awesome, but far from it. We forced ourselves to play a second board, which just gave us the same 3 mini games over and over.
In respect to the most repeated mini game in Totally shutting the door on this one!

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posted by Forsycietu