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Top 9 Celebrity Wedding Crashers!


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Top 9 Celebrity Wedding Crashers!

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Imagine this: it’s your wedding day. You’re dancing the night away with the love of your life, it’s magical and everything you dreamed about – and then… you turn around and see Taylor Swift! Or Justin Bieber! Crazy, right? Well for some lucky brides and grooms, that REALLY happened!
There have been quite a few stars who’ve tried their hand at popping into weddings uninvited, so today I’ve gathered my top 9 favorite celebrity wedding crashers of all time! Adam Levine's New Girlfriend. Marine Surpises his sister on her wedding day. Bruno Mars ticket surprise. 9 Times Celebs Gave SURPRISE Subway Performances. Actors Who Refused To Shoot Scenes Together. Top 10 Celebrity Pranks. 7 Times Celebrities Pranked Interviewers. Top 10 Times Celebs Surprised Their Fans. Top 15 Celebs Who Get Mistaken For Other Celebrities. Top 10 Celebrity Wedding Dresses.

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