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The foods we see at our table may not be what we think they are. Did you know, for example, that ground coffee may contain roasted and chopped barley, wheat, soybeans, and even ground wood? Or that when ordering sushi and rolls with a particular type of fish, you get a cheaper variant (sometimes even colored)? However, Bright Side has good news: it’s possible to avoid the fraudsters’ tricks.

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Ground coffee 0:30
Pomegranate juice 0:58
Olive oil 1:25
Parmesan cheese 1:48
Honey 2:12
Sushi 2:34
Rice 2:55

- The details on the package say that inside the bottle you’ll find 100% pomegranate and cranberry juice. However, most likely, the drink is well diluted with cheaper apple juice or simply with water.
- You want to buy a bottle of expensive olive oil, but you bring home a cheap corn, palm, or soy oil. Don’t let the fakes get you!
- Parmesan cheese is one of the leaders in the market of fake foods. This cheese may contain about 10% of wooden shavings. A mixture of cheaper cheeses can also be presented as Parmesan cheese.
- When it comes to faking honey, human imagination has no limits. Most often it’s diluted with syrups with a high fructose content.
- Among all the fakes, this might be the most dangerous. The fake rice is often made from starch mixed with plastic. The grains are similar to rice and even smell the same because they’re sprayed with flavoring.

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