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Top 7 Mellow Dog Breeds


Calm Dog Breeds

We all know that our furry friends come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, with temperaments can be as varied as their appearances. Whether you’re looking for the perfect guard dog, a friend to run with you or a furry companion that’s great with kids, there’s bound to be a breed out there with your name on it.

In many cases especially when kids or elderly people are involved one trait in particular might come in handy: mellowness. A mellow dog is down for whatever life throws his way. He’s chill and calm, amiable and gentle. If you’re interested in potentially taking home a mellow pup yourself, check out the following breeds that are known for their particular brand of placidness, according to the American Kennel Club.

1. Bulldogs
2. Clumber Spaniels
3. Great Danes
4. English Mastiffs
5. Saint Bernards
6. Neapolitan Mastiff
7. Xoloitzcuintli

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