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Top 5 Smart Home Tech of 2017 (for Amazon Echo, Google Home & Siri!)

The Deal Guy

I have found the 5 best smart home tech that will make your daily home life much easier. They all work with the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri. Watch to see my reviews!
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- Alexa Ready Smart Outlets Under $35:

- Top Smart Bulbs Under $35:

- Top WiFi Smart Thermostat:

- My Favorite Smart Lock:

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In this video The Deal Guy has found the best smart home tech for 2017 that will enable you to accomplish budget home automation for little money!

If you have an Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple's Siri then this video of the best smart home tech 2017 compatible with these assistants will be of interest to you. This smart home technology is helping the elderly do more around the house easier. I hope you enjoy my smarthome tutorial of the best smart home tech of 2017!


The Deal Guy may be compensated by Amazon for purchases, resulting from this video. How to make a smart home for $200. Google Home Mini VS Amazon Echo Dot. Which One Is Better? Google Home Mini Review. Ultimate Smart Home // Nest Edition! Ultimate Smart Home: Amazon Alexa Built-in Edition! Epic Smart Home Bedroom Tech Tour! DIY Smart Home Equipment and Cost - My House Setup. 10 BEST HOME GADGETS. Top 5 Best Smart Locks for Your Home 2019 | Best Door Lock Reviews. How to Setup a Smart Wifi Bulb with Alexa and Google Home. 6 NEW FEATURES on the 2nd Generation ECHO - Amazon Echo 2nd Gen Review (4k).

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