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Top 20 about a Yorkshire Terrier (yorkie) that you should know-Tips by Natalia Ospina

Natalia Ospina Acevedo

In this video I tell you, The top 20 about the yorkshire terrier or better known as yorkies that you should know. If you have a puppy of this breed or you would like to have one, it is good that you know the good and bad things they have, I think I could say more than 20 things but I could not do it that long. Then I do 20 things about other breeds and about dogs without breed, it is important to know their temperaments before having one because I believe that there is a kind of puppy for each person according to their personality.

At the end I make a clarification about this video, where I hope that there will not be discussions because it is a video of a "dog" group, with this I do not want them to think that I am against adoption or in favor of buying in breeding places (It is a topic that if you want we can talk in another video just for that), for now I clarify that my channel is an informative channel to give tips to pet owners who want to learn simple but functional things about their pets.
a hug for everyone, thanks for being part of the channel :)

posted by glymjandis4