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Top 10 Supreme Court Justices in American History

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat counts down his top ten favorite Supreme Court justices in American history. Who is YOUR favorite?
My Supreme Court Justice Scorecard:

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Since 1869, there have been nine justices in the Supreme Court at a time. These justices never have to worry about being elected. They can serve for life if they want to. If there’s a vacancy, the President appoints a new justice, but the Senate has to approve of their appointment. Oh, by the way, there is nothing in the Constitution about qualifications for justices. Heck, technically you could be in the Supreme Court and never passed the bar or went to law school. There’s not even an age or citizenship requirement.

Since 1790, there have been 115 justices in the Supreme Court. Here are my top 10. But first, what are MY standards? Standard number one...did I agree with how they decided in cases? If I agreed with how the justice decided in the case, I gave them a point. Granted, these are cases I knew a lot about. Obviously I couldn’t look at every Supreme Court case in history.

My second standard was leadership ability. Did this justice have integrity? Was this justice principled? Did they ignore partisanship and politics? Did they have a consistent interpretation of the U.S. Constitution? If the answer was yes to all these questions, they got some more points.

My third standard was impact. If a justice had tremendous impact in the direction of not only the Court but of the entire government and even country, they also got points.

My top 10:
10. Joseph Story
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9. Antonin Scalia
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8. Potter Stewart
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7. Byron White
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6. John Marshall Harlan
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5. Thurgood Marshall
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4. Earl Warren
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3. William O Douglas
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2. William Brennan
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1. John Marshall
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