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Top 10 Presidential Candidates in American History

Mr. Beat

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A special thank you to Jacob Fridman for helping me research for this video!

Mr. Beat counts down his top ten favorite American presidential candidates who never became President.

Produced by Matt Beat. All images found in the public domain, used under fair use guidelines, or owned by Matt Beat. Music by Tabby Cat:

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In this video, we’re gonna focus on those losers. Er, uh...those losing candidates. While there have been 45 different individuals who have served as President in American history, there have been tens of thousands of people who have run for President, and yes most of them stood little chance of winning. Approximately 55 of them were actual contenders, meaning it appeared they had at least a solid chance of winning going into the final weeks of their campaigns.

My criteria for qualified candidates is simple:
They had to be a major contender
They had to run before the year 2000
They couldn’t later win the Presidency.

Now, how I picked these top 10 is also simple. I looked at:
Leadership experience
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Creative commons credits: Gage Skidmore,

#10 John P. Hale
Learn more about him:

#9 Samuel J. Tilden
Learn more about him:
Fraud of the Century: Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the Stolen Election of 1876
By Roy Morris, Jr.

#8 Daniel Webster
Learn more about him:

#7 William Wirt
Learn more about him:

#6 Wendell Willkie
Learn more about him:

#5 Ross Perot
Learn more about him:
   • Jim Lehrer remembers 'authentic' unde...  

#4 William Jennings Bryan
Learn more about him:

#3 James B. Weaver
Learn more about him:

#2 Robert La Follette
Learn more about him:

#1 John B. Anderson
Learn more about him:
   • Anderson vs. Reagan: The first 1980 p...  

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