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TOP 10 Mercedes DON'Ts 🛑 Tips u0026 Tricks!

MBZ Master

If you own Mercedes, you probably have seen some weird stuff in that car! Here are 10 Mercedes problems and solutions to be aware of. This tutorial covers most Mercedes models over the past 5 10 years. They're intended for new Mercedes owners as well as current Mercedes experts. These tips and tricks should save you lots of trouble, time, and money!

If you'd like to jump directly to the points of interest of the video, you can click directly on the timestamps below:

00:00 Mercedes General Problems;
01:17 Don't #1 How to turn Mercedes automatic headlights off;
03:04 Don't #2 Where to get Mercedes fuse box diagram;
04:37 Don't #3 Fix Mercedes volume problem;
06:33 Don't #4 Change Mercedes radio station without changing navigation screen;
07:53 Don't #5 Mercedes paddleshifting explained;
09:26 Don't #6 Don't turn Mercedes climate control off;
12:40 Don't #7 Mercedes AC REST feature explained;
14:27 Don't #8 Mercedes coat hooks explained;
15:55 Don't #9 How to properly use Mercedes pedals;
18:34 Don't #10 Mercedes hidden VIN number explained;
20:29 Question of Today.

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