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Top 10 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Jaws | Interesting to know | Keep it in mind

Keep it in mind !

Top 10 Dog Breeds with the Strongest Jaws | Interesting to know | Keep it in mind

Even dogs, the most loyal friends of mankind for centuries, tend to have aggressive and violative behaviours,and are propens to biting if they are not socialized, educated or loved.

However, since a chihuahua and pitbull terrier cannot attack at the same level, we have listed the most powerful dog breeds based on their biting force!

A pressure unit called PSI is used to measure the bite force of dogs,

Firstly, let’s talk about the meaning of PSI, known as the pressure force.

PSI refers to the force applied in pounds per square inch used in the British measurement system and is the unit used to describe the strength a dog uses when biting.

To understand it better, you should keep in mind that the punching power of a professional boxer is 776 PSI and the average car tire pressure is 32 PSI.

Now, let’s take a look and see which dog breed has the strongest bite.

10. Leonberger
Named after the city of Leonberg in Germany, this breed is often used as a therapy dog.
Despite that it is a really friendly breed, it can get a bite of 399 PSI between his teeth when getting angry, be careful!

9. Wolfdog
This breed is a hybrid of domestic and wolf breeds.
Therefore they are more dangerous than the average dogs.
With a bite force of 406 PSI,we hope that this breed uses its teeth only for its food…

8. Dogo Argentino
As you might expect, this breed was used in Argentina to protect its owner from wild animals during hunting.
Dogos are aggressive by nature, but still they do not attack without having any reason to.
Even though aggressive behavior is reduced with its early socialization and obedience training, you don't want to be around this dog when it gets angry because its bite force is exactly 500 PSI.

7. Dogo Canario
Being a historical war dog, the name of this breed comes from the Canary Islands, known for its fascinating beauty.
Before banning it in the 1940s, unfortunately this breed was used in dog fights.
It is not surprising that this breed, known for its aggressive nature, is illegal in many countries, keeping in mind that its biting force is 540 PSI.

6. English Mastiff
The ancestors of Mastiffs are the ‘Molossus’ known as wild and talented war dogs.
At the present, being one of the world's largest dog breeds in size and at the same time one of the sweetest companions of children, this sadfaced giant's biting force is 556 PSI.

5. Tosa Inu
Tosa Inu is a race that was developed in Japan in order to bring together the best features of many different species.
With proper training and leadership, it should be able to carry out various activities with the owner, but do not underestimate its strength.
The bite force of Tona Inu is 556 PSI and therefore is prohibited in countries such as Australia, Germany, Norway and Denmark.

4. Dogue De Bordeaux
This dog, which has existed since the 14th century and is of French descent, was famous in the past for taking on tasks such as pulling heavy objects or protecting noble people.
Unless you threaten the Dogue De Bordeaux, it has no reason to show you its biting power of 556 PSI.

3. Cane Corso
The number 3 on our list is the Cane Corso Corsican Dog from Roman antiquity.
The most striking feature of this big and imposing dog is the impressive size of its head!
Cane Corso has exactly 700 PSI of jaw force. You wouldn’t want to threaten the owner of a dog that is extremely loyal and protective!

2. American Bandogge
We came to number 2... This is the American Bandogge!
If you think that his appearance is scary, wait until you find out how painful its jaw can be.
Bandogge’s bite force of 730 PSI can cause the pain that you will never want to experience.
American Bulldog is not a purebred race.
Its ancestors were the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Napolitan Mastiff. With their confident nature and also being such good listeners, this breed has a great understanding towards kids. But good luck to the strangers who may enter their territory!

1. Kangal
Number one on the list, is Kangal!
With its origin coming from the city of Sivas in Turkey, this breed is known for its strength, durability, and protective features.
This dog breed, with its strong muscles and agility, can kill a mediumsized opponent within minutes.
According to the results of many studies, Kangal has the strongest dog jaw in the world.

Although it may be quite hard to believe, the bite forces of this breed are 743 PSI.

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