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The 10 Most Common Cat Owner Mistakes (Explained by a Vet)


Dr. Sarah Wooten, DVM, CVJ shares the top 10 most common mistakes cat owners make, based on 16 years of clinical veterinary practice. Watch the video to learn about the top 10 mistakes and what you can do to correct or avoid them.
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0:00 Introduction
1:02 Mistake 1: Not Understanding Signs of Fear
3:07 Mistake 2: Waiting Too Long to Spay or Neuter
4:46 Mistake 3: Skipping Flea Control
6:09 Mistake 4: Missing Signs of Pain
7:56 Mistake 5: Playing With Laser Pointers Incorrectly
9:08 Mistake 6: Feeding Only One Food
11:15 Mistake 7: Not Providing Enough Resources
12:23 Mistake 8: Skipping Annual Vet Visits
14:33 Mistake 9: Letting Your Cat Get Overweight
18:09 Mistake 10: Not Testing for Parasites

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