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TOMAHAWK KENNELS Boykin Spaniel Duck and Goose Hunting Season 2020-2021

Tomahawk Kennels - Boykin Spaniels

Johnny Cache Outdoors and Tomahawk Kennels is back for our 4th season, chasing ducks and geese. This season, we had a club membership in Arkansas with Elk River Outfitters and did most of our hunting there. We did a New Year's trip with Bayou Bottoms in north central Arkansas where we killed a 4 man limit of Specklebelly geese! In the middle of January, Arkansas hunting got slow, so we headed west to Oklahoma for a few days to hunt lessers with Flatline Outfitters. We ended the season strong with Specklebellys in Arkansas and ended up killing 2 banded Specks on different hunts. Our Boykin Spaniel, HRCH CHIEF HOLLAND MHR NCH18, is back this season, along with two of our up and coming boykin spaniel girls, June and Cali.

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~ Early Teal season with June @ 3:56

~ Opening Day in Arkansas on the Pontoon Blind in the Buck Brush with Chief @ 9:06

~ Guided Speck hunt with Bayou Bottoms with Chief @ 23:12

~ Diver shoot with Chief and June @ 28:43

~ Guided Lesser hunt with Flatline Outfitters in Oklahoma with Chief and June @ 34:55

~ Duck Blind Bistro and Cooking with Cache segment @ 56:34

~ Cali’s First Retrieve from the duck pit (a Drake Pintail) with advice on pup’s first hunt @ 1:00:26

~ Hunting private ground with the Elk Rivers Outfitter crew and with June @ 1:10:47

~ Speck hunting on private ground and 2nd SPECK BAND of the year with Cali @ 1:20:34

~ Not so Funny, Funny and a little Crazy @ 1:28:15

*MUSIC in this video (in order):

~ A Fever by YouTube Studio/ Devon Church
~ Forget Me Not by YouTube Studio/ Patrick Patrikios
~ Sonic Pogo by YouTube Studio/ Vans in Japan
~ 3Xtreme by Taylor McClam
~ Cut It by YouTube Studio/ Silent Partner
~ Bloody Tears by YouTube Studio/ Quincas Moreira
~ Wicked Things by YouTube Studio/ Quincas Moreira
~ Pressure Cooker by YouTube Studio/ Jeremy Korpas
~ Grey Flannel by YouTube Studio/ Vans in Japan
~ Ruins of the World by YouTube Studio/ Verified Picasso
~ Dark Tranquility by YouTube Studio/ Anno Domini Beats
~ Higher Octane by YouTube Studio/ Vans in Japan
~ Blood, Sweat, No Tears by YouTube Studio/ Jeremy Korpas
~ Finally the Sun by YouTube Studio/ Audio Hertz
~ Riffs for Days by YouTube Studio/ TrackTribe
~ Doctor Momentum by YouTube Studio/ Slynk
~ Reckless Shred by YouTube Studio/ Biz Baz Studio
~ Chtulthu by YouTube Studio/ Quincas Moreira
~ West 600 by Colon Erkstein
~ Standing Still by YouTube Studio/ Anno Domini Beats
~ The Night Before Monday by TeknoAXE
~ That Part by YouTube Studio/ Diamond Ortiz
~ Basic Metal 4 by TeknoAXE
~ End the Year by TeknoAXE
~ Danger in the Docks by TeknoAXE
~Twin Engines by YouTube Studio/ Jeremy Korpas
~ Amazer Lazer by YouTube Studio/ Audio Hertz
~ Brittle Picks by TeknoAXE
~ One Destination Two Journeys by de Alexander Nakarada
~ Simple Metal Remastered by TeknoAXE
~ Primal Tuning by TeknoAXE
~ Forever by Anno Domini Beats
~ Find Me Here by Patrick Patrikios
~ Cash Machine by Anno Domini Beats
~ Savior Search by DJ Freedem

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