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TIMELAPSE - Couple Builds Off-Grid Cabin Alone In The Canadian Wilderness

MBF - Modern Homesteading

We're a couple trying our best to live a more self reliant life after a med release from the army changed everything. We are currently building off grid on a small mountain in the woods. We are also remodelling an old farmhouse we are living in while we build our new homestead. You can see those videos on our other channel 'MBFarmhouse'.

We like to keep things laid back, fun & REAL! We share our story for what it really is. We always aim to TAKE CONTROL, LIVE SIMPLE & MAKE IT HAPPEN! Lots of people don't take action whether they faced setbacks or not, we hope to inspire you to take action in your life. We don't have it all figured out but we still aim to TAKE CONTROL of the situation we are in. Also to avoid over complicating things we strive to LIVE SIMPLE and most importantly MAKE IT HAPPEN! It is all just a dream until you take action, so we are big on just doing it! We're happy to have you here for the ride!

Weekly videos!

Mapleberry Farm
PO BOX 4644
E4E 5L8

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