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THROWING a DART at a MAP and Buying *EACH OTHER whatever it lands on ONLINE | Ruby and Raylee

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We did an ONLINE DART SHOPPING CHALLENGE! In this video we take it in turns to THROW a DART at a MAP and WHATEVER we land on we had to BUY for *EACH OTHER ONLINE while in LOCKDOWN. We found some really good online places to shop! Make sure to stay tuned until the end of the video to watch us give each other our items and see our LOCKDOWN SHOPPING HAUL 2020. Head over to our Community Page here ➨ to leave your video comments and let us know which items you liked the best and your ideas for other Sister Shopping Challenges. We hope that you enjoy this video. Thank you so much for watching! Stay Safe everyone. Love You Lots ~ Ruby and Raylee #DartChallenge #ShoppingChallenge #RubyandRaylee #BuyEachOther #LockdownHaul #ThrowADart #GiftSwap #Sisters #Swap #NoBudget #ShoppingHaul #SistersVsSisters #AutumnHaul #SisterShopping #Shopping #SisVsSis #RSisterSquad

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