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Three Kingdoms - OverSimplified


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From Epidemic Sound:
Rannar Sillard – Battle Scars 1
Zauana – Encountering the Unknown
Trace Way – Journey Through the Desert
Sight of Wonders – King of Lions
Sight of Wonders – Rice and Wine
Leimoti – Silk Paper Letters
Yi Nantiro – Skilled in the Arts
Christian Andersen – Xin Li And The Concubine (2, 3, 8, 9 and 10)

From Artlist:
Kyle Preston – Eastern Relection
Kyle Preston – Eastern Tale
Gabriel Meyer – Breath Celebration
Runar Blesvik – Far East
Max Herve – Future Asia
Max Herve – Hang Drum Traveler
Alon Ohana – Keep Him By
Diezmo – Macera (ft. Baq)
Avi Goldfinger – Not Enough
Bottega Baltazar – Piova
Jonathan Barlow – Road in Thailand
Suraj Nepal – Son of Himalaya
Ian Post – The Agent
Alon Ohana – The Green Feel
Alon Ohana – Tribal Principle
Max Herve – Turning Around the Enemy
Alon Ohana – Victory
Doug Maxwell – Sao Meo

By Kevin MacCleod:
Eastern Thought
Ishikari Love

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