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This Smart Dog Takes The Bus All By Herself Every Day To Go To The Dog Park


If you ride a D line bus in Seattle, you can meet this unexpected furry passenger named Eclipse…

The doggie rides the bus all by herself, has a bus pass attached to her collar, and gets off at her favorite park

It all started when the black Labrador and Mastiff mix was at a bus stop with her owner Jeff Young

Her human was taking too long to finish his cigarette, so when the bus arrived…

The canine just got on it by herself and got off at the park....

That’s when the owner realized this smart girl can ride those 34 stops on the D line on her own.

King County allows dogs on public transport at the discretion of a driver, and Eclipse makes people smile

Therefore, the drivers are always glad to give this fourlegged miss a lift

“She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this face?”

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