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This is how much my samoyed shed in 3 days!!


Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is healthy and well during this difficult time.
just hoping that this will be over soon so we can all go back to our regular routines.

Today's video is all about Wooyoo's fur! Having to live with a samoyed is a great pleasure. But surely it comes with a price, the fur. Personally, dealing with shedding is not too bad. You can as you see. That's it. But to me, it is much more difficult of a task to take proper care of her coat. Only a few days of improper care can lead to matts and knots, which can lead to skin diseases and ultimately, shaving of the affected area.

Since Wooyoo is going through a shedding season right now, I thought it will be a good time to show you guys how we take care of Wooyoo's coat, as well as find out how much of hair is hiding under her coat.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Thank you so much for watching

Mocha and Wooyoo's Daily Pet Products:
1. Omega3 Grizzly Salmon Oil
2. Glucosamine Grizzly Liquid Join Aid
3. Toothpaste Tropiclean Fresh Breath
4. Paw Cleaner After a Walk Dexas MudBuster
5. Grooming Clippers Oneisall Dog Shaver


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