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This Airliner Was Doomed To Crash (But It Didn’t) | Qantas 32

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In 2010, the most modern airliner in the world, the Airbus A380, was also meant to be the safest. However, a serious incident over Singapore would put this claim to the test. And at stake would be the lives of 440 passengers and 29 crew.

View the Accident Report here

Much of the info in this video, including communications in the cockpit, was adapted from Richard De Crespigny’s wonderful book

Voice Actors
Captain – Spyro Kouvaras
First Officer & Check Captain – Sid Whiting
Second Officer – Jakeb Sparke
Air Traffic Control and Fire Commander – Jens (Lezvox) Bak


Sim Footage
Prepar3D – now upgraded
Camera System – ChasePlane
Ground Services – GSX
Airbus A380 – Project Airbus

In order of appearance:
1. Qantas Stock 1 By Lasse Fuss Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,
2. Qantas Stock 2 By SuperJumbo en:File:VHTJECanberra23June2005.jpg, CC BYSA 3.0,

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