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The Two Generals’ Problem

Tom Scott

Time to tell a story about idempotency, computer science, and the Night of the Multiple Orders. • Sponsored by Dashlane —try 30 days for free at: https://www.dashlane.com/tomscott

MORE BASICS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL96C35uN7xGLLeET0dOWaKHkAlPsrkcha

Written by Sean M Elliott and Tom Scott
Directed by Tomek
Graphics by Mooviemakers https://www.mooviemakers.co.uk/
Audio mix by Haerther Productions https://haerther.net/

Thanks to Dashlane for sponsoring the video! If you're techie enough to watch this video, you should be using a password manager. Get a 30-day free trial at https://dashlane.com/tomscott

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