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The Trouble with Many Worlds

Sabine Hossenfelder

In today's video I want to tell you why I am not a fan of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. It's not the many worlds. I don't a priori have a problem with those. It's that I think you do not gain anything from this reinterpretation.

First, I briefly explain the basics of quantum mechanics: everything (yes, really everything) is described by a wavefunction, and this wavefunction changes according to the Schrödinger equation. Then, we have in the Copenhagen interpretation (and Copenhagenlike interpretations) an additional assumption: the measurement postulate.

In my video, I explain what the problem is with this measurement postulate. I then tell you why the many worlds interpretation contrary to what its supporters claim does not solve the measurement problem, but just sweeps it under the rug.

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posted by Reabneantyhaf28