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The Petabyte Pi Project

Jeff Geerling

By far the most storage ever attached to a single Raspberry Pi. Massive thanks to 45Drives for making this possible!

Check out their storage solutions at

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45Drives (HUGE THANKS!):
Storinator XL60:
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00:00 The Petabyte Pi Project
00:24 Challenges
01:35 What is a Petabyte?
02:00 45Drives sent a Storinator XL60!
03:12 Ripping out the Xeon
04:57 Replacing it with a Pi
07:26 Backplanes and power
08:37 Prebuild tests
09:06 So. Many. Drives.
11:37 Pi OS mods
12:17 First boot!
13:12 Did you try restarting?
14:42 RAID 0 test
15:51 Don't yell at your JBODs
16:39 ZFS test
16:59 Btrfs test
18:46 Back to the basics
19:50 192 days
20:59 So why, PCI?
21:57 Don't skip this part

Music attributions:

The Curtain Rises by Kevin MacLeod

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