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The Most Inappropriate Disney Kids Products


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Top 10 children's toys from Disney movies that look really dirty.
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Disney has built one of the largest empires in entertainment. From movies to theme parks to television shows, Disney has created some of the most iconic characters that we love the most. Walt Disney’s vision for his company was to entertain families in a way that was inclusive for all. Little girls fantasize about becoming princesses and meeting their prince while little boys dream about being a superhero and saving the day from evil.
With this massive empire, Disney has created another cash cow in the form of merchandise and various products. If you’re someone who loves Disney and has to own everything by that brand, you can get everything from Disney jewelry to toilet seats. While it makes plenty of money for the company to make thousands of different products, once in a while, some products slip under the radar and are put on the market even if they are wildly inappropriate. Of course, some products can be distorted thanks to our minds being in the gutter, but other products are obviously inappropriate and seem like an inside joke by manufacturers. But since Disney specializes in products for children, any form of mature content in a child’s toy or product is highly controversial and can cause massive recalls and even lawsuits.
Here are ten of the most inappropriate Disney products that have made it onto the shelves. Some of these are so bad and hilarious that it wouldn’t be a huge shock if a few childhoods were ruined. One thing is for sure is that Disney had to do some major damage control for the company.

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Buzz Lightyear Sippy Cup
Rad Repeatin’ Tarzan
Concert Candy
Mickey Mouse Microphone
Lion King Toy
Donald Duck Ride
Princess Toilet Seat
Sing A Ma Jig Minnie
Dip Sea Dooz

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