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The Moment This Dog Said A Final Goodbye To Her Owner Is Absolutely Heartbreaking


This man had, sadly, come to the end of his road. When his family gathered to say their final farewell to their loved one, they brought with them man’s best friend. In a truly heartbreaking scene, the loyal dog visited his bedside to say her final goodbye, alongside the rest of his family.

Ryan Jessen, 33, was a landscape designer from California. About seven years ago, Ryan found a stray dog in a cemetery located near his parents’ home. Ryan’s sister Michelle said the dog was a “little fleabitten puppy” when he first found her. But during their six years together, Ryan and the boxer dog named Mollie formed a lifelong bond.

Unfortunately, in 2016, Ryan suffered from what he believed was a migraine. Sadly, it turned out he had a ventricular brain hemorrhage, which left him hospitalized in Rideout Memorial Hospital, Marysville. Here a ventilator supported him in his coma. But eventually, the day came when his family would have to say goodbye to their loved one.

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