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The Miracle on the Hudson a NEW perspective! - Mentour Pilot

Mentour Pilot

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Today it is exactly 12 years since the "Miracle on the Hudson", US Airways flight 1549 encountered the most famous birdstrike of all time which led to two, catastrophic, engine failures and a successful ditching on the Hudson River outside New York, USA.
The incredible work by captain Chesley Sullenberger and Jeffery Skiles as well as the heroic work of their cabin crew and first responders led to the successful outcome. But were there mistakes made along the way? In this video I will be telling the story of flight 1549 based on the final report. I will also give you a pilots perspective on what went on in the cockpit during that winter afternoon in 2009.

00:00 Introduction
00:49 Patreon Homage
01:18 Overview
03:51 Info on Jeff Skiles
05:25 Takeoff
06:25 Birdstrike
08:10 Crew initial handling
11:14 Decision Making
16:30 Cabin Crew
19:35 Ditching imminent
22:47 Ditching
25:28 Conclusion
28:38 Full uninterrupted flight simulation
34:22 Endgame

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Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
Mediawatchersoz: Surveillance footage of Cactus 1549 landing in the Hudson

Manhattan Image: @jacobybrandon
Passenger on wing image: @Steven Day/AP
Waterway boat image: @Steven Day/AP

ATC Audio: @ AppleDualG5

CCTV Footage: @ MediaWatcherOz

NTSB report:

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