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The Magic of Layer Masks | Top 10 Tips in Photoshop


Today we show you 10 tips to help you master one of Photoshop's most important tools: Layer Masks! Learn how to quickly create Layer Masks, turn any Selection into a Layer Mask, use Layer Mask alongside Layer Styles, and much more. Be sure to visit the link below to download the sample images and to get a comprehensive list of all 10 tips and their relevant keyboard shortcuts.

Download the Sample Images:

Our Top 10 Layer Mask Tips:
Introduction (0:00)
1. Quickly Create Black or White Layer Masks (0:37)
2. Unlink Layers & Layer Masks (1:19)
3. Turn Any Selection into a Layer Mask (2:16)
4. Invert a Layer Mask (3:09)
5. Quickly Fill a Layer Mask with Black or White (3:45)
6. Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut (4:31)
7. Copy a Layer Mask to Another Layer (5:45)
8. Helpful Layer Mask Commands (Disable, View, Create Selection) (8:18)
9. Change Density & Add Feathering (9:30)
10. Hide Layer Styles with Layer Masks (10:35)
Bonus: Use Multiple Layers Masks on a Single Layer (12:15)

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posted by invaginat3b