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The Jet Camino's Roll Cage is INCREDIBLE... First Cleeter Test Fit!

Cleetus McFarland

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Yeah... this build is NEXT LEVEL! Big thanks to TRZ Motorsports for building that amazing rear end housing!

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Nov 23th Bradenton

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Cleetus McFarland
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United States of America JET CAR UPDATE! Making a GIANT Air intake + Extending the El Camino! This Is DEMOLITION DRAG RACING! AB 1824 New CA Exhaust Law EXPLAINED & Your Questions Answered! 5 Cheap Cars With Endless Amount of Tuning Potential Under 5K!! Budget 2016 Dodge Hellcat Rebuild Burned Completely Salvage from Copart! goonzquad samcrac. Lone Star Drift Round 7 - jumping drift cars at 90 mph LOL! DRIVING MY R32 GTR VSPEC IN JAPAN!! How Much Value Did We Add To Our Old Wrangler? Cheap Jeep Challenge Ep.4. My Cheap Bentley's New Engine Is HERE!!! (And More BIG UPDATES!!!). Taking the Koenigsegg to the only 7 Star Hotel in the World.

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