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The Infinity Stones May Be Connected To The Celestials (Marvel Theory)


The Infinity Stones Are Connected To The Celestials

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The anticipation for Avengers Endgame is off the charts and it seems like even Captain Marvel won’t stop our craving for answers following last year’s Avengers Infinity War, but while we’re all waiting for Endgame, Marvel Studios is already working on the future of the MCU with phase 4 and beyond.

One of the films we’ll be getting very soon is the Eternals. This film might not only establish the Celestials, but also expand on a possible connection between the cosmic gods and the six Infinity Stones. We think there’s definitely a connection between the stones and the Celestials, and that connection was teased back in phase 2, with Guardians of the Galaxy, but the connection might go even deeper and it’s revelation might change the landscape of the MCU forever!

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