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THE HIDDEN COSTS OF GETTING A DOG | (Ps. Contains lots of greyhound advice)

Elaine Power

**Hidden Costs Series How much does it cost to own a dog and take care of it?**

Are you getting a new puppy? Or planning to rescue a doggo? But not sure of how much it's going to cost? Well then this is the video for you!

I recently adopted a rescue greyhound with my boyfriend, and before we got him I tried to figure out how much it was going to cost. while I did a lot of thorough research, there were still a few things I hadn't anticipated and he has definitely ended up costing us more than I initially thought.

With that in mind, I wanted to make a video for anyone thinking of getting a dog, to price up if they can actually afford it. Obviously prices will vary depending on where you live, so you will have to do some of your own research but I wanted to highlight the things you need to factor it.

While there is a lot of greyhound advice in this video, I have tried to make it as general as I possibly can, but if I've left anything out let me know in the comments below.


Adopting Frank Video:

Ps. I'm starting a 'Hidden Costs' series on my channel, so if you have any requests for content, please let me know!



Collar & Harness (2:10)
Where we got Frank's collar:
Suggested Harness: **
Lead (3:36)
Similar to Frank's Lead: **
Beds (4:44)
Ikea Cot Mattress:
Outdoor Bed:
Feeding Bowls (7:01)
Raised Feeling Bowls: **
Toys (7:57)
Kong: **
Licki Mat: **
Treat Snake: **

Jacket / Coat (9:44)
Frank's Jacket: **
Pyjamas (I KNOW!!) (11:00)
HoundTees Pyjamas:
Car Harness (12:10)
Frank's Harness: **
Other Car Harness: ** (Not for greyhounds)
Crate (13:57)
Frank's Crate: **

Food (15:07)
Skinners Pet Food: **
Dog Food Website:
Pet Insurance (17:30)
Frank's Insurance Company:
Grooming (18:25)
For Dog's Sake Groomers:
Medical Costs (20:01)
Advocate Large Dogs:
Kennels & Daycare (21:25)
Frank's Kennels:
Training (23:38)

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