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The Great Dying: The Permian Mass Extinction

The Budget Museum

Hello Everybody! Here’s another longer video, about maybe my biggest and broadest topic yet: The PermianTriassic Mass Extinction, AKA The Great Dying. I hope it turned out well.

Thumbnail Art by SharkeyTrike on Deviantart:

Wikipedia Articles for the animals/eras with you want to learn more about them: (By the way, I mentioned way more things than the ones listed here, this is just an outline).
Permian Mass Extinction:
Carboniferous Period: Permian Period: Reptiliomorpha:
Pelycosaurs: Dinocephalia: Gorgonopsia:
Triassic Period:

Sources Used:

(Non royalty free) Videos used:
Note: All videos should presumably fall under fair use, as not only is a small fraction of the video used, but my video and the means I use these videos falls under education.

“Why the Conan the Barbarian Music”:
So the reason I chose the theme from the Conan the Barbarian Movie is because of the shared themes in both the world of Conan and of the Permian. Conan lives in the mythical Hyborian Age, which is supposed to be some prehistoric earth, where great kingdoms and empires ruled, but were all long forgotten by the time of modern humans. Likewise, the Permian is the same: it was a time ruled by many different ages of now long forgotten animals, but for all of their success most were wiped out, leaving only the survivors to cling to life and repopulate the world. The earth forgot about the era, the triumph and falls of those animals, the only remnants to be the fossils lodged in the stone of the earth. Plus I think the theme is great.

Introduction 0:00
The Calm; 0:53
The Storm; 6:50
After the Dying; 13:43

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