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The FASTEST Ways To Build Business Credit || NO PG Required u0026 EIN Only!

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Here are 4 ways that you can build business credit quickly without any personal guarantee and only using your EIN.

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Hello Beautiful People! My first name is Shenice, but I go by one of my middle names (yes, I have more than one) Shibivia pronounced (ShyBivia). I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. I am 27 years old and currently serve in the U.S Air Force while being a Flight Attendant on the civilian side and growing into a soon to be fulltime entrepreneur! I said "I DO " to my best friend on (02/20/20). I enjoy creating content, seeing what the world outside of home has to offer and you will more than likely find me at one of the top vegan restaurants in your town! On this channel, I share lifestyle and business related content and perhaps more Notary Loan Signing content since you guys have been asking for it. Thank you for stopping by!

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