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The extreme power of conditioning … 'Here' (2)

Bill Hillmann

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We are delving into the big and important topic of conditioning the response that makes dogs do what they do. Almost all of the behaviors that dogs have are based on conditioning whether it's been on purpose or it 's been by accident. Most of the problems that we face with our dogs are developed by inconsistent behavior on our part that causes a dog to have negative behavior. The list of these undesirable behaviors is extensive. But it seems like the skills that we want the most are perfect steadiness, focus, immediate response to commands such as "here" or a cast or "heel … the list goes on. So if we say "heel" or "here" multiple times to a dog, why should we expect them to obey on the first command? It seems totally logical and yet people complain that their dog won't heel without multiple commands, or sit perfectly with distractions on and on. So this clip is an example of how conditioning using "the game" as the reward creates the type of response that we want.

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