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The Entire Soviet Rocket Engine Family Tree

Everyday Astronaut

Today we’re going to actually straighten out the confusing family tree of the Soviet rocket engines by drawing out a super comprehensive chart of almost every engine that has flown to orbit while also walking you through some INCREDIBLE stories and fun anecdotes behind these engines.

Here's our article version for notes and sources!

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00:00:00 Intro
00:02:45 Chart, Key, Tips And Glossary
00:11:45 The Origins Of Soviet Rocket Engines
00:18:55 R7 Family of Rockets
00:34:05 Yangel’s Hypergolic Rockets
00:46:10 Universal Family Of Rockets
00:58:35 N1 Rocket Engines
01:07:00 Energia / Buran
01:15:25 Soviet Engines Outside The Soviet Union
01:23:00 Engines Too Cool To Not Talk About
01:29:50 Summary

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