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The Easiest Way to Spot a Liar Within 2 Minutes


According to psychologists, 90% of the information you receive is nonverbal. Unconsciously, we read the body position and gestures of the speaker, guess their mood by voice timbre, and can even understand if they’re telling the truth or not.

Did you know, for example, that licking or biting the lips is the sign someone is lying to you? The thing is that with every minute, it becomes more difficult for a liar to speak because everything dries up in their mouth. Police officers call this effect "cotton mouth”. Isn't it interesting? So, let’s find out what Allan Pease (aka “Mr. Body Language”), Dr. Lillian Glass, and other body language experts have to say about this!

Licking or biting the lips 0:45
Opening their eyes wide 1:41
Changes in body and head position 2:56
Constricting their movements 3:44
Pointing at you with their index finger 4:20
Tilting the head to the side 4:59
Collar tugging and neck scratching 5:38
Covering the most vulnerable body parts 6:11
Holding on to firm objects 6:40
Playing with hair or rubbing hands 7:15
Turning away a little 7:34
Bonus: How to identify a liar over the phone 8:05

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- It’s easy to tell if someone’s being dishonest by a strong tension in the eye muscles, which appears because a person is reluctant to look away. Because of this, it often seems that a liar is goggling.
- If a person suddenly straightens or throws up their shoulders while saying something, it can be a sign that they’re uncertain of their words. All the tension in the shoulders is a product of a person being literally “taken aback” by their lies.
- Dry mucus on the lip corners or sides and on the tongue also indicate a liar. Swinging lips to the side or biting them speaks of the same untruthfulness.
- A great way to tell if someone is nervous is by looking at their hands. If they’re moving restlessly and playing nervously with little objects, it’s a clear sign that the person’s feeling uncomfortable.
- The liar is trying to turn the tables and make you the bad guy who’s accusing Mr. or Ms. Honesty of hiding the truth.
- In trying to get some extra time to find an answer to an uncomfortable question, a person can reflexively imitate an interest in the interlocutor. This head movement is a great help in hiding their true intentions.
- Your neck is one of the least protected areas of your body. Sensing danger, many people begin to pull at their collar, especially if it’s tight and makes it difficult to breathe.
- Body language expert Joe Navarro explains that your chest, stomach, and intimate zones are the body parts a person tries to cover up when they feel concerned.
- The liar can hold on to a wall, table, chair, or any other firm surface. This helps them convince themselves of their safety.
- Girls try to fix their hair, remove nonexistent makeup from the corners of their eyes, or twist strands of hair around their fingers.
- Even if you don’t look the person directly in the face while talking to them, you will always be directed at them if you have nothing to hide.
- Liars often swallow phrases and speak hoarsely. The rougher the voice, the more inclined you are to believe it. A person who wants to lie can consciously or unconsciously lower the timbre of their voice.

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