The Dogs of 2016

Remember, the dogs will always be good.

A video by WeRateDogs

Music by The Brazen Youth

Video by Tyler Macke

Produced by Matt Nelson (the dog from the avatar)

Coproduced by John R.

Clips by:
Husky Blep:
Disappointed Bubble Pop:
Happy Swing Doggo:
sWOOFter Quicker Picker Pupper:
Bubble Blowing Doggo:
Magical Stick Flipping Doggo:'>
Balancing Doggo:
Trust Fall Doggo:
Pupper Carries Own Bowl:
Doggo Does a Turn:
Pupper Acquire Enemy:
Ready For Summer Pup:
Dog Petting Dog:
Powerful Corgi Punch:
Originally posted by Sam Enright on Vine but Vine is dead so here's his Twitter:
Ollie Vue:
Little Bush Pupper:'>
Adorable Golden Pup:
Doggo Does a Long Struggle:
Majestic Corgi Launch:
CPR Doggo:
From the FCI 2016 Dog Dance World Championships held in Moscow, Russia | Dog: Deril | Owner: Lusy Imbergerova
Bouncing Doggo:
Tiny Squeak Pupper:
Dog Pool Party:

Pictures at the end of the video were all featured on our Twitter account (@dog_rates) this year.

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by WeRateDogs