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The Chosen Ones (Ep. 1) | Misfits and Magic [Full Episode]

Dimension 20

Presenting the premiere episode of Dimension 20: Misfits and Magic! Featuring Game Master Aabria Iyengar and a cast that includes Erika Ishii as Xx_BrokenDream_xX, Lou Wilson as Whitney Jammer, Danielle Radford as Sam Black, and Brennan Lee Mulligan as Evan Kelmp. To watch the rest of the 4 episode series and the Adventuring Party talkback episodes, sign up for Dropout! https://dimension20.dropout.tv

Note: there are no plans for the remainder of the season to be uploaded to Youtube.

Welcome to Dimension 20, Dropout.tv's anthology actualplay show! Enjoy watching every campaign, every behindthescenes, every oneshot, and every talkback, only on Dropout: https://dimension20.dropout.tv/

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